Uri Fink Uri Fink is the legendary creator of Zbang, has been making comics for 20 years now.
Ever since creating the first Israeli super hero at age 15, he created many other comics series like "Super Clumsy" the story of the clumsiest super hero alive, and "Googi" which documents the life of his two young daughters and their mishaps.
Oded Sharon is the world no. 1 Zbang fan. He got a signed copy of every Zbang comics that was ever printed.
He is a veteran game programmer and designer with years of experience in making computer games. Oded was involved in game projects like the MMORTS Ballerium.
Oded plans to take over the world with his long time pal, The Brain.
Oded Sharon
Reut Almog Reut Almog is the co-editor of the monthly Zbang magazine, and even appears in it, only with a bigger cleavage.
When she's not visiting Uri's studio or too busy writing the Zbang diary for 2007, she's an editor of a magazine about yachts. She's nearing the end of her studies, for a master's degree in literature, and working hard on a script for an Israeli fantasy film.
Uri calls her a sex symbol, but she claims it's only so he can pay her less.

Yael Luxman (Chief WhiteFeather) is the editor and writer for multiple books and publications with over 10 years of experience. Yael offers a wide knowledge in a variety of story telling mechanism with her experience in role playing games, and her leading role in the Israeli role playing community.

Ilan Weintrob A Veteran designer animator and illustrator, has been creating animations, computer games and TV game shows for the past 13 years, and teaching 3d animation at the WIZO academy of design and education and game design at the Bezalel academy of art and design. Ilan brings to our projects his vast experience, skill and style.

Ido Shalom Is a a young and talented 3d artist that brings the Zbang characters to life through 3d work. Ido worked on creating models and textures for various FPS mod titles, and is also working for the Israeli army graphics department.
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